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A Glimpse of the Past of Conexiones entre Mundos: Larry & Trudy McCoy

In July, 1998, our family moved to Cochabamba to begin language study with a view to working in medical missions as a dentist. We were so happy to be a part of the forerunner of Conexiones entre mundos.

Not only was the language program exceptional, but the immersion in the culture was wonderful. The curriculum laid a solid foundation and logically built on it to graduate students who were fluent and comfortable with the Bolivian culture. Profe Mauge was one of our tutors. She patiently and clearly taught us Spanish and is very expressive in English, able to answer questions and communicate nuances of the language. The curriculum was customized to allow those more comfortable with language learning to move along quickly.

Although we were only able to live in Bolivia three years, I still use Spanish when needed in my dental practice. The training I received has enabled me to comfortably communicate with others in a dental setting or in conversational opportunities.

Our time at Conexiones is one of the experiences of our lives I have been most thankful for, not only for the language but for the cultural exposure and friendships made.

Larry McCoy

Larry, Trudy and their family. Thanksgiving 2017


Note from Mauge:

Dear Larry,

Thank you so much dear Larry for sharing with us a liittle bit of yourself, your loved ones and your connection with us. We are grateful for you life. We are sorry dear Trudy is not with you anymore, but we look forward to the day when we will all meet again. She was an tru reflection of Jesus' love. God bless you and your lovely family!!



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