We offer Intercultural Workshops for foreigners who wish to live and work in Bolivia or Latin America.

Intercultural skills are very important to build up meaningful relationships with locals.


Any international worker who wishes to either do business, counseling, teaching, missions or volunteer work needs to understand his/her own culture and its uniqueness compared to the vast number of other cultures in the world.


This understanding will develop the ability to observe and understand before making a judgement.


After the Workshop


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  • Identify the importance of learning intercultural communication

  • Describe the composition and significance of their own cultural identity.

  • Compare cultural assumptions of their own and others

  • Identify cultural variations in communication styles

  • Identify the main cultural differences in the following areas: 

    • Identity: Self-oriented vs. Group or relationship-oriented cultures

    • Uniqueness vs. harmony

    • Doing what is right vs. being loyal (even if it is not right)

    • Independence vs. interdependence

    • Trust

    • Authority patterns

    • Direct vs. indirect communication

    • Internal power vs. external power of change

    • What brings shame in different cultures

    • Personal space

  • Identifying how these values or abstract concepts are expressed through different behaviors in in their own culture and the new one:

    • Love

    • Respect

    • Shame

    • Honor

    • Shame

    • Sin

    • Courtship

    • Corruption

    • Boundaries 

    • Efficiency

    • Organization

    • The use of resources and the like

  • Apply these for adaptation in intercultural interactions more confidently and resourcefully.