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Online Classes


About us

Conexiones entre Mundos has more than 25 years of experience in personalized language teaching: Spanish, English and Quechua.

We work with international standards under a program based on communicative practice and cultural pertinence.

Our team

Our teachers are experts, graduates in linguistics applied to language teaching with vast experience. They also have enough English to communicate in cases explanations in English are needed. Thye have broad expereince teaching online. All of our materials have been digitalized and our files are in a cloud so information is avalilable for teachers and students at all times.

Our Methodology

Our methodology is based on 80% of practice focused on communication (output) and 20% of grammatical, phonetic or vocabulary information (input). We build neural pathways (we do something repeatedly) until students can speak comfortably and naturally, without thinking too much about language structure, or translating word by word. Our aim is to make of each linguistic competence part of the student's communication system. This is what makes us different from other language schools. We do not focus only on giving information but mainly on practicing until habits are formed in various communicative situations.


Our language school offers one teacher per student. One expert to teach you the language you want to learn as you walk towards fluency. This is why having classes onlie or in-person does not make much of a difference, as coomunication skills can be developed through both communication systems.

Our Program

Each student has a different program because classes are personalized. The teacher works to make the most of the student's strengths and strengthening their weaknesses. Everything the student has learned is relevant and useful for their program. The program is adaptable to EACH level and it does not require the student to repeat what they have already internalized before.


Our program is designed to be done entirely online or in-person. You can choose what best suits your needs. The quality of teaching is the same because classes are personalized.

International Exams

If you have a B2 level in Spanish or English, we can prepare you to take any international exam to certify your level of English (like TOEFL or DELE, for instance) so that you can certify your language level for studying or work purposes.  

How is progress measured?

We use the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages ​​as the basis for determining your progress. Everything is based on what you CAN DO with the language and not only on information about the language.


When you start your program, you are interviewed to determine your level. Then we mesure monthly the progress made. This is reflected in the monthly reports students receive from us.


Our language school in Cochabamba, Bolivia, surrounded by beautiful mountains and a weather of an eternal Spring is open all year round & a flexible time schedule. You will meet many language students, like you who are learning either English, Quechua  or the Spanish language.


Cochabamba and Conexiones entre Mundos  is home to many expert language teachers who master the Spanish language and have broad experience and training in teaching languages to tailor the program to your needs and interests so you can reach your goals and carry out the tasks you may have in the Spanish language.

Classes in-person or online? 

All of our language programs can be taken in person or online. So if you can't come to Bolivia now, you can start your language program and continue once you arrive.  Prices are the same and the quality of a remains the same, as all our programs personalised.

You will need

  • A good computer with a camera, erphones and mic.

  • Good internet connection (Stable)

  • We will use Skype or Zoom so you need to have those programs installed and a personal account open in each one of them. 

  • A WhatsApp acctive account connected with your phone.





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